Technology vs Education Matrix

By analysing DEL activities in the Aggregator, the DEL4ALL project develops a map of the educational technology landscape, presented here in the form of the DEL4ALL Technology vs. Education Matrix. The Matrix shows the connections between families of DEL activity, uses of technology, and educational contexts of application, forming the basis for deeper understanding of the current state of the art, success stories, best practice, and gaps, to feed into future policies and research directions in digital education.

Here we present version 2 of the Technology vs. Education Matrix, described in full here.

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Technology Name Example Feature Learning Setting Learning Activity Pedagogical Framework Benefits Challenges Stakeholders Stakeholder Details
Artificial Intelligence Content adaptation Natural language generation Content creation Pedagogical: context tailored content, more inclusive materials, more efficient use of limited resources Technological: quality and user experience, data source Content Creator, Institution
Artificial Intelligence Automation of Human conversation Natural language generation Online Content delivery Online and blended learning Pedagogical: more effective use of limited resources, any-time access to learning materials Technological: quality and user experience Learner, Content Creator Online/blended learners, online/blended teachers
Artificial Intelligence AI-aided Speech improvement AI-aided sound engineering Online Speech practice Online learning Pedagogical: Allows users to improve their accent by reading text in a loud voice, comparing this speech to a speech of a native speaker Learner, Content creator Online learners
Artificial Intelligence AI-aided Learning Experience Platform Online platform Online Learning experience Online learning Pedagogical: AI-powered learning assistant and knowledge management Learner Online learners
Augmented Reality (AR) Science Centre experiences for schools AR-based activities Classroom Laboratory and coursework Formal and blended learning Pedagogical: Allows students to have science centre experience for their coursework Learner, Teacher Blended learners and teachers
Augmented Reality (AR) AR-based teaching Holographic lessons Classroom Course presentation Formal learning Pedagogical: Holographic lessons helps provide a greater depth of access to the tools and information necessary to take away a deeper understanding of any subject matter Educators
Big Data Big Data platform Actionable data-driven insights Schools Formal learning Pedagogical: Easy-to-use, end-to-end data platform for all educators that empowers school-wide improvement through predictive and actionable data-driven insights Educators
Blockchain Qualification verification Tamper-proof data Credentials Pedagogical: verifiable accreditation for wider/more fine grained learning contexts (e.g., micro credentials), potential widening of participation, student mobility, reduction of fraud; Technological: rapid trustworthy verification, decentralisation, lower cost of validation, increased transparency Technological: privacy/data protection, scalability Learner, Institution, Employer
Blockchain Learning portfolio verification Tamper-proof data Credentials Pedagogical: wider opportunities to demonstrate achievements, reduction of fraud; Technological: rapid trustworthy verification, decentralisation, lower cost of validation, increased transparency Technological: privacy/data protection, scalability, lower hiring costs Learner, Employer
Blockchain Reward for educational content creation/ adaptation Trustable asset transfer Content creation Pedagogical: lower barriers to entry, widening participation in content creation, fair reward for efforts, encourages innovation, encourages reuse of best practice; Technological: increased transparency Technological: scalability Content Creator
Blockchain Decentralised identity technology Decentralised identity management for learning activities Identity management, zero-knowledge proof, and selective disclosure Online and blended learning Technology: Provides stakeholders to manage their identities in a decentralised setup with provision for selective disclosure of information Learner, Teacher
Blockchain Decentralized platform Decentralized educational tool for educators Formal learning Technology: Enables educators to upload their schedules, classes, and curriculum onto the blockchain Educator
Digital Education Platform Live Online Community Live discussions Learning from discussions and exchanges Debate, comments and discussions Online Users Online users who like to take part in discussions
Digital Education Platform Online Platform Distance Learning for Special Need Children Online and blended learning Pedagogical: need-based learning pathways, effective use of limited resources Learner, Teacher Special-need Learner, Online Teacher
Digital Education Platform Online Platform Collaborative learning Learning from collaborative discussions Learning by participating in projects, events and other mutual-learning activities Online and blended learners Adult and child learner in formal and informal context
Digital Education Platform Lifelong Learning Platform Courses offered on online platforms Ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge Flexible Learning from online courses Online learning Pedagogical: Flexible learning opportunities Pedagogical: Self-motivated learning requires voluntary efforts Online learner, Online teacher Adults and lifelong learners
Digital Education Platform Social and Online safety awareness Social, educational, health and online safety activities Informal and Online learning Pedagogical: Flexible learning through activities Young learner, content creator Young and child learner
Digital Education Platform Online platform for teachers Flexible online courses Learning from online courses tailored to teachers who taught at schools and other educational institutions Informal Pedagogical: Helps teachers adopt innovative methods of delivering and enhancing a personalized educational experience, so that they can excite and engage today's learners and attract a broader range of students Online learners Adult learners
Game Educational games Gamification of learning Content delivery Inquiry based learning Pedagogical: widens scope of inquiry based learning online, any-time access to learning materials, less human teaching effort Learner, Content Creator
Internet of Things (IoT) Enabling-technology Learning assistance Both formal and informal IoT-aided laboratory and courses works Adaptive Learning Technology: Provides learning support to achieve greater goals with devices such as raspberry pi etc. Child Learner, Teacher Formal and informal learners
Machine LearningMachine Learning Course recommendation Machine learning recommendation Formal Course selection Pedagogical: better matching of learners to courses, easier discovery of courses, potential widening of participation Pedagogical: algorithmic bias; Technological: data sources Learner, Content Creator Formal learners, formal content creators
Machine Learning Job recommendation Machine learning recommendation Pedagogical: better matching of people to jobs, easier discovery of jobs/ candidates, potential widening of participation Pedagogical: algorithmic bias; Technological: data sources, matching skills to recruitment Learner, Employer
Machine Learning Curriculum personalisation Machine learning recommendation Formal Content delivery Online and blended learning Pedagogical: personally-created learning pathways, learner mobility, connectivity between institutions, more effective use of limited resources Pedagogical: variability in meaning of credentials; Technological: data sources Learner, Teacher, Institution Online/blended learners, online/blended teachers
Machine Learning Learning analytics Machine learning classification Content delivery, learner support Pedagogical: better targeting of support, accommodating diverse needs, content delivery improvement, learning path improvement Technological: privacy/data protection, scalability Learner, Teacher, Institution
Virtual Reality (VR) VR laboratory Interactive multimedia Higher education, secondary education, online education Practical coursework Pedagogical: remote access to facilities Technological: Access to/cost of hardware Learner, Teacher, Content Creator Adult & child learners in formal & informal contexts